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Hi, I'm Jina Hirai,

the designer of Bom Flowers & Design and am inspired by the beauty of nature and passionate to share its beauty in creative ways.

I graduated from business school and have a background in business management; however, I always had a desire to do something creative.

While working with Vancouver's top florists, I found a passion for floral design and had the opportunity to learn and show talent.

After completing my education in professional floristry in Canada, I also earned my European Master Certification when I was in Europe. While there, I had the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest European masters by participating in workshops and projects with them.

After taking a hiatus from my career to get married and have two children, my family settled on the beautiful north shore of Vancouver. With encouragement and support from my family and good friends in the neighbourhood, I got the courage to start up my creative work again. This is how Bom Flowers & Design was started.

The meaning behind "bom" is reflective of my journey. "Bom" means spring in Korean and good in Portuguese. It represents my artistic heritage from the East and my love of European design from the West. The merging of these two aesthetics results in elegant, modern floral & gift designs that I would like to share with you.

Please share the chic flowers & thoughtfully curated gifts that will bring the sparkling joy of spring to someone special today!

 "Happiness is only real when shared"  - Jon Krakauer